Free website

How many ways does Value Web Development include with your hosting account to create your own website?

RVSiteBuilder is installed free of charge on every hosting account. Use this software to create your own website using over 830 templates, including 41 flash templates. Use the incredibly intuitive interface to create your own free website, including a contact form and even other custom forms. We will provide basic support at no extra cost.

Softaculous offers over 140 instant installs of various free software products, including many blogs, wikis, and CMS solutions. Many of these products can easily be used to create a very sophisticated website. We often use Drupal to build professional, complicated websites for clients which is available as a free install.

Don't want to do it yourself? We charge $25.00 per page for sites built with RVSiteBuilder and throw in a contact form for free. There is a three page minimum, and there are some restrictions. Contact us today.

Both of these tools are already installed and available in your CPanel control panel. Not a customer yet? What are you waiting for? Sign up for your hosting account today and enjoy professional web hosting.